North East Washington Amateur Radio Club


Old Glory
W7GHJ Repeater-
443.725 FM [+5 MHz offset, pl 100hz]

KB7UJI Repeater-
146.700[-600 KHz offset, pl 100hz]

145.600 FM Simplex

Spokane Repeater Group: Repeater
145.43 FM [-600 offset]

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PO Box 978
Chewelah, WA 99109

Breakfast @ The Chewelah Casino; Chewelah, WA 1st Sat./Month 9am 
Club Mgt. @Valley Fire Hall [3rd & Pine]  in Valley, WA 1st Sat./Month 11am

*** QST QST QST *** We've made some updates to the site! Be sure to check out the updated Repeater frequency list and the new info on the 145.43 Repeater! *** The webmaster would like to thank Karl Shoemaker, AK2O, President of Spokane Repeater Group, for helping provide updated repeater info as well as helping proof some sections of the website, also for his patience in the update process. Thank you so much! *** IE-VHF Club Net [EVERYONE is welcome to check in] Wed.'s 7:30pm on the 146.88 repeater [pl 123] ***
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Welcome to our new and, hopefully, ever growing 'Ham Charts & More' section.

The links below will take you to the individual charts. On the page they are in JPG format (That's a picture). You can save the JPG by right clicking on the image, then selecting 'save image as' (some browsers will just say 'save as' either way, you will not see the quotes). If you want to download the PDF instead (Those are smaller text files. You will need a PDF Reader to open the PDF. Two great free ones are: FoxIt Reader and Adobe Reader) To save the PDF, right click on the 'Download' Link and select 'save as' (again some browsers will varry and possibly save 'save link as' again with out any quotes)Both formats are virus and malware free.
They were made in Ubunut Linux and scanned by two different virus scanners (Clam & Avast, both also free) You also have permission to share the files, even modify them. So long as you don't make a profit from them. (That's a Creative Commons Non-Commercial, Share Alike license)

If you have corrections to the charts, or a request for a new chart please email the web admin (see 'club contacts' to the left). Or maybe you have a chart that you want to let us post, if that's the case, email us the chart and let us know you give us permission to post it.

We hope you find the charts helpful!

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2018 USA Amateur Radio Band Chart

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